About Chase and Scout Jewelry

Using adornment as a medium, Chase and Scout jewelry focuses on the often unseen and unnoticed beauty of the natural world.

"With an eye on the primitive and supernatural traditions of carrying personal totems and talismans, I hope to create objects that resonate deeply with the modern soul. Every pendant, earring and ring is intended to carry power and weight for the wearer. My process relies on traditional metalsmithing techniques such as lost wax casting and fabrication, each piece is made using reclaimed sterling silver, bronze, raw gemstones and ethically sourced organic materials.

Inspired by secret realms, hidden worlds, and the tiny microcosms we've become disconnected from, my work strives to capture a slice of that lush life so often invisible to us." - Elle Green

Elle Green is a metalsmith living and working in Austin, Texas. Her inspiration is rooted in a love of the strange and unusual, the mythical, the mystical, and the sometimes morbid curiosity of what really happens during the transformation between life and death.

Chase and Scout pieces are designed with a kindred spirit in mind — a bit of dark, a bit of light— blending ancient symbology, natural objects, and modern design aesthetics. Modern amulets and talismans for your daily armor.

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