Winged Serpent Snake Cult Goddess sterling

$ 245.00

A winged serpent inspired by matriarchal cultures, serpent worship, and the famed “Minoan snake goddess”.
 Snakes are considered symbols of growth and transformation, let this winged serpent be a talisman for personal growth and a belief in limitless possibilities. 

Cast in sterling silver and suspended on a sturdy 20" sterling silver chain. This pendant was hand carved in wax and then cast using the ancient method of Lost Wax casting, this precious serpent has bat wings, tiny fangs and a teeny forked tongue! 

 Artist's Note: The work I bring to you is conceived and created entirely in my Asheville, North Carolina studio. It is infused with inspiration from my deep connection and appreciation of Nature, combined with my curiosity, and a desire to honor the balance of dark and light within each of us. Each piece I craft reflects quality, artisanship, and just a touch of magic.

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