Nouveau French Bat Necklace

$ 145.00

An antique turn of the century carving cast in sterling silver - this simplified version measures 1" x 1" and is suspended on a 20" sterling silver chain.

On our recent trip to France, I spent a day in Pere Lachaise photographing the various architectural styles. Each was accompanied by beautiful metalwork, with the bat, long a symbol of good fortune and everlasting life, as a recurring theme beginning in the late 1800s through the early 1910s.  Art Nouveau, lush with it's sinuous vines, and flowing curves, really speaks to my own love of natural forms. The most famous examples of this flowing style are the Paris metro stops first created in 1899. I really love how the bat's wings naturally encircle the pendant.

On all of our trips I try to bring back some form of inspiration for my work, this trip presented me with an antique medal that cried out to be recreated as jewelry.

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