Impossible Possibilities Winged Serpent Pendant September Release

 A blend of earth and air, the winged serpent is a symbol of sweeping change. We are entering what feels like a massive cultural and spritual shift, a creation of new ways of thinking and imagining. 

 Winged serpents in ancient cultures were considered harbingers of new ways of relating to the world around us. In Greek mythology, Eros is sometimes represented as a winged serpent, his arrows break down routine with the power of love and utterly destroy outmoded ways of thinking.

In the Indian traditions, kundalini is some times represented by a serpent sleeping at the base of our spine, simply waiting to be awakened.

In alchemy, snakes represent purification.

Almost all ancient traditions see the snake as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration, growth and higher consciousness. 

Hand cast in sterling silver on an 18" sterling chain.

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