Pre-Order Full Size Foxglove Digitalis Pendant Sterling Silver

$ 275.00

A dangerous beauty, the foxglove flower reproduced in sterling, hand carved and detailed suspended on an 18" chain. Created for the May Queen release of 2021.

While creating the foxglove pendant I kept a stem of purple foxglove (Digitalis purpurea to be specific) on my bench for reference, and I think it came out quite well! If you’ve purchased anything from my studio in the past, you may have noticed that the studio's imagery consists of twin snakes, foxglove and honeycomb. It’s said that when working with plants, the one you resonate with most will call to you, foxglove most definitely calls to me. 

This pendant has been a dream creation for a very long time and finally it’s a dream fulfilled.  I hope you will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Artist's Note: The work I bring to you is conceived and created entirely in my Austin Texas studio. It is infused with inspiration from my deep connection and appreciation of Nature, combined with my curiosity, and a desire to honor the balance of dark and light within each of us. Each piece I craft reflects quality, artisanship, and just a touch of magic.

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Compassion and Sustainability are Core Values at Chase and Scout. No living beings were harmed or killed in the creation of this unique piece of jewelry. While highly detailed and very realistic, I do not support the destruction of nature for fashion. Please see our FAQpage for ethical sourcing questions.

Custom Jewelry Artisan Crafted in Austin Texas
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