Birch Bark Ring Band

$ 130.00

This rustic ring is an ode to bonfires, a walk in the woods, and winter love stories...

Real birch bark is used in the creation of this wide band sterling silver ring. The underside of the ring is tapered slightly to make it more comfortable for long term wear. Each ring is hand cast and made to order, no two are identical. 

These rings are treated with a traditional Japanese darkening technique to highlight the recessed areas and to enhance it's natural textures. This style of patina is long lasting, and well sealed to preserve this dark finish.

Each ring is cast to order, please allow up to 14 days for production. Be sure to include your ring size upon checkout. If you do not see your ring size, email us directly to place a custom order. Read about our shipping terms and store policies.

**All rings are available in white, yellow or rose gold. Contact us for pricing.**

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