Nocturnal Hunter Wolf Spider Ring

$ 145.00

Wolf Spider ring in sterling silver, an elongated shield shape with all the tiny details right down to the spinneret. Wolf spiders are nocturnal nomads, instead of spinning webs to catch a meal and staying in one place, they travel outside living in tall grasses and under rocks, coming out at night hunting for passing prey.  Their spinnerets are used to weave delicate lines of communication, laid out for other spiders to follow. One of the more nurturing aspects of the wolf spider is the mother spider will carry her babies with her until they are large enough to go out into the world alone. A talisman for traveling mamas, nocturnal nomads and for those that prefer to step outside the usual lines and blaze their own path.

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*Please note: While highly detailed and very realistic, I do not support the destruction of nature for fashion. Please see our FAQ page for ethical sourcing questions.

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