Single Winged Serpent with Rainbow Spectrolite

A talisman to remind you that wild leaps of faith can be exhilarating, terrifying, and beautiful all at once. Step into the unknown with certainty and faith in yourself. Earthbound beauty takes flight on gossamer wings while protecting a rainbow of flashing spectrolite with washes of mint green, golden yellow, cerulean blue, pale rose, and iced violet.  Multiple images show spectrolite in various light sources.

Cast in sterling silver, suspended on an 18" sterling chain, Spectrolite mined in Finland. 

Artist's Note: The work I bring to you is conceived and created entirely in my Austin Texas studio. It is infused with inspiration from my deep connection and appreciation of Nature, combined with my curiosity, and a desire to honor the balance of dark and light within each of us. Each piece I craft reflects quality, artisanship, and just a touch of magic.

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Compassion and Sustainability are Core Values at Chase and Scout. No living beings were harmed or killed in the creation of this unique piece of jewelry. While highly detailed and very realistic, I do not support the destruction of nature for fashion. Please see our FAQ page for ethical sourcing questions.

Custom Jewelry Artisan Crafted in Austin Texas
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