Eyes Have It - The Watchful Eye Amulet

$ 135.00

Sometimes the simple act of direct acknowledgement can help to diminish the power of hidden malevolence. We turn on lights to dispel shadows and symbolically banish ghosts, to drive back the things that hide in the dark.

 These Evil Eye pendants are made of sterling silver and natural gemstones, each is handmade and they hearken back to the ancient tradition of wearing a talisman in the shape of a watchful eye to deflect darkness directed by others.

With everything happening in the world today I wanted to do something that would actively make a difference.  I will be donating 25% of the profit from each amulet purchased here to the Southern Poverty Law Center to help keep a watchful eye on hate groups and their actions in our communities.

Each amulet is made of sterling silver and is hung on a 20" dark stainless steel chain, eye measures 1.25"x 1". Please choose a stone at checkout. Each is handmade, no two are identical. Very specially priced, this is a passion project and not profit driven.

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