XL Henbane Pendant in Silver

$ 225.00

 Henbane, a lethally poisonous beauty.  In nature, this pale butter-yellow blossom is veined with violet, once seen, an easy to identify flower by those in the know. Historically used as both a poison and heavy sedative, the careful and considered use of henbane creates a liminal state between consciousness and sleep. Too much henbane and the taker can slip into a coma and eventually die. Originally thought to be part of the secret blend for a witch's flying ointment, this pendant is a totem for night witches and herbologists alike. 

  Hand carved and detailed Henbane blossom in Sterling Silver on fine delicate 20" sterling chain, perfect for layering.

Artist's Note: The work I bring to you is conceived and created entirely in my Austin Texas studio. It is infused with inspiration from my deep connection and appreciation of Nature, combined with my curiosity, and a desire to honor the balance of dark and light within each of us. Each piece I craft reflects quality, artisanship, and just a touch of magic.

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Compassion and Sustainability are Core Values at Chase and Scout. No living beings were harmed or killed in the creation of this unique piece of jewelry. While highly detailed and very realistic, I do not support the destruction of nature for fashion. Please see our FAQ page for ethical sourcing questions.

Custom Jewelry Artisan Crafted in Austin Texas
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