Southern Summer Cicada Pendant in Sterling with Labradorite

$ 265.00

Summer in the south brings the cicadas back, singing their endless clicking dirge every night at dusk. Some people find them creepy, and some say they can see into the future and past with those huge watchful eyes. They remind me of childhood summers spent in Southern woods catching lightning bugs, and always searching for empty cicada husks clinging to the trees.

The twisted vines of this large heart shaped pendant cradle a fat midnight blue labradorite, very much like the color of cloudy southern skies bathed in summertime moonlight. Each labradorite is unique with shades ranging between electric blue and golden green, let me know if there is a specific color you would prefer.

Cast in sterling silver, this piece is patinaed to bring forth the tiny details. please choose chain length at checkout.

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